Fujita Nana

Name: Fujita Nana (藤田奈那)
Nickname: Naana (なぁな)
Generation: AKB48 10th Generation
Current Team: AKB48 Team A (in game)
Birthdate: 1996.12.28 (Age 22)


  • (2010.03.xx) Joined AKB48 as a 10th generation kenkyuusei
  • (2012.06.24) Promoted to an unknown AKB48 team
  • (2012.08.24) Team promotion announced as Team K
  • (2014.02.14) Transferred to Team A
  • (2014.05.07) Game debut as Team K member
  • (2014.08.18) Game transfer to Team A
  • (2015.03.26) Transferred to Team K


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